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We can prepare for your meetings, group luncheons and dinners, picnics, reunions, church gatherings, parties, etc.

  • We will deliver a minimum order of 50 Hot Dogs and/or Hamburgers prepared ALL THE WAY or ANY WAY! (We have done over 20,000 before.)
  • Complimentary Nu-Way cups with Nu-Way’s FAMOUS FLAKY ICE. (Certain restrictions apply depending upon availability)
  • Free delivery provided by Nu-Way, with 48 hours advanced notice.

Please ask any Nu-Way Manager at any of our convenient locations in Macon, Warner Robins and Fort Valley, Georgia for more details, or call our Main Office at 478-743-6593.  All locations are closed on Sunday. Thank You!

WHAT? Any Occasion
WHEN? Anytime
WHERE? Anywhere
HOW MANY? Any Amount
WHY? Because “I’d Go A Long Way For A Nu-Way”

“I had heard about Nu-Way Weiners for years…but living in Seattle was at a locational disadvantage and was unable to try them. Once, I had a friend try to send me one in overnight mail, but it did not arrive in edible condition. But then, circumstances took me to the South, and I was able to make my way to Macon, Georgia. Wow! Was it worth the wait. Nu-Way weiners were BY FAR the best I’ve ever had. I am hoping to get back that way again soon, just to have another taste. Until then, keep up the good work, and let me know if you ever expand into other markets such as Seattle!”

- Heidi Wiedemann

“Nu-Way – Nu-Way – Nu-Way… The best dog on the planet. I was driving through Macon, Georgia on business 2 years ago and happened to stop at a Nu-Way. I stop there every time I’m in Macon.”

- Peter D.

“I’d walk a long way for a Nu-Way! Each time I make the 7 hr. drive to Macon, Ga., I have a Nu-Way wiener! Their taste can’t be beaten. If at all possible this wonderful hot dog should be eaten at the downtown location in order to get the full effect. The memorabilia in the store is truly inspiring and informative and the people who work there are very friendly and willing to chat with you about the history of this wonderful business. Their homemade chili is delicious and they cover the tasty hot dog with slaw, onions, mustard and anything else you might desire! The buns are toasted to perfection and enhance the taste of this deliciously amazing hot dog. Anyone visiting Macon, Ga. or the surrounding area should make a special effort to experience Nu-Way!!”

“Without a doubt, the best hot dogs in the world are found at Nu-Way Weiners in Macon, GA. I have eaten many hot dogs, but these by far are the best. I recently traveled to New York and had a dog from a sidewalk vendor, and it wasn’t even close!!! Nu-way, all the way, is the best dog there is. I’d go a long way, for a Nu-Way!!!”

“I have been a hot dog lover for over 43 years since working in a root beer drive-in as a teenager. Believe me — Nu-Way is the best. These tender, juicy meals-on-a bun will leave your mouth watering for more. The phrase “you can’t eat just one” must have originated with Nu-Way weiners. I have traveled around the world and from coast to coast, North to South in the good ole USA and there is just no taste as good as Nu-Way. For the ultimate treat, you must visit Nu-Way in Macon, GA!”

“I would like to cast my vote for Nu-Way weiners in Macon Georgia. This place is an institution. I grew up in NC and have relatives I would visit often down in Macon and every summer I could not wait to get down there and get my Nu-Way weiner! Now I have moved to Oregon and actually have relatives bring them out with them when they come because I miss them so much! This place is a family-run business that has been around for ages and you truly start feeling nostalgic when you go there. The atmosphere, the service, the quality of the food make you realize how ‘fast food’ should really be. These red weiners are so tasty even just on there own, but add on their famous tasty chili and it is no wonder that you would want to ‘go a long way for a Nu-Way weiner’.”