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Local, fast-food, served “All The Way” the Nu-Way!

Who knew back in 1916, when James Mallis opened the first Nu-Way Weiner stand on Cotton Avenue in Macon, Georgia, that he had created a chili dog that would become an eating obsession?

The obsession continues today, and Nu-Way still serves the same secret recipe chili sauce and private label weiners. We also feature the famous MEGABURGER® and are open early for breakfast.

We invite you to try our famous hot dogs and other fine foods at our nine locations in Central Georgia and experience the traditional taste of Nu-Way.



When time is an issue, call ahead or seek out one of our DRIVE THROUGH locations.


Only local fast-food chain. Nine locations in Macon Warner Robins, & Fort Valley to better serve YOU.


It’s the mouth-watering taste- spicy and creamy with a BITE that keeps generations coming back!


Offer incredible prices to be budget friendly.

nu-way hotdog


Open early for BREAKFAST! Satisfy LUNCH cravings! Pick-up DINNER!


We CATER Central Georgia! Sporting Events, Offices, Birthday Parties, Special Occasions, and more!


Known for the Iconic Private Label Weiner and MEGABURGER®, ordered “ALL THE WAY”. Our family continues to use the same SECRET RECIPES from way back when.


We LOVE serving our LOYAL customers, while we also cannot wait to serve a FIRST TIMER!


Last time I was here was nearly 25 years ago and it was as enjoyable today as it was then. Highly recommended.


Lord Otis Wilson Jr.

This place has never let us down. The service is always great and the food is always fresh.


Tasha Stripling

Food was Hot & Fresh.. Made just like I asked. Thanks.


Jennifer Singleton

I’m from Florida and these are the best fast food hot dogs I’ve ever ate. Just to describe the amazing taste of these hot dogs, imagine a really really good ballpark dog. The fries are crunchy all around and the sweet tea is splendid. Customer service was great. Would recommend!

Felipe Nieves

Always a treat. I would go a long way for a new way. 1 chili dog all the way, fries and a coke.

Amy Tidwell

Always been a Coney Island dog girl...but this place gives Nathan's a run for their money! I don't know what they put in their sauce and I don't really care I could eat that by the bucket full LOL

Dawn Bragg

Great food at a great price!  The Nu-Way All Breakfast Platter was more than enough food for my friend and I to split.  Great service and a great experience! We’ll be back here for breakfast often!

Ashley Crutchfield

Excellent quick breakfast.  Delicious hot food, served with a smile

L. Lawrence

I had heard about Nu-Way Weiners for years…but living in Seattle was at a locational disadvantage and was unable to try them. Once, I had a friend try to send me one in overnight mail, but it did not arrive in edible condition. But then, circumstances took me to the South, and I was able to make my way to Macon, Georgia. Wow! Was it worth the wait. Nu-Way Weiners were BY FAR the best I’ve ever had. I am hoping to get back that way again soon, just to have another taste. Until then, keep up the good work, and let me know if you ever expand into other markets such as Seattle!

Heidi Wiedemann

Nu-Way – Nu-Way – Nu-Way… The best dog on the planet. I was driving through Macon, Georgia on business 2 years ago and happened to stop at a Nu-Way. I stop there every time I’m in Macon.

Peter D.

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