Nu-Way Weiners Napier Square Location

The Best Quick Dinner Restaurant in Macon, GA

Napier Square

  • Address:

    921 Hillcrest Boulevard
    Macon, GA 31204-3858

  • Amenities:

    Drive Thru - Dine In - Takeout Available

  • Hours:

Mon. - Sat.


Opened Its Doors: May 31st, 1968

A MOMENT IN TIME - Nu-Way’s second suburban location after the Houston Ave store opened in 1962, offering Macon’s first drive-thru window. Although Napier Square is the oldest location still in operation, it was preceded by the original Nu-Way stand on Cotton Ave (1916-2015), the old Cherry Street location (1948-1968), and Houston Ave. (1962-2010).

The Nu-Way Weiners Napier Square location opened about a month after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. Lyndon B Johnson held office at this time. Simon & Garfunkel’s hit song “Mrs Robinson” was popular.

Christy Tipton - Manager

Christy Tipton - Manager

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