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Here's what they say about us:

Lewis Grizzard in The Atlanta Constitution
"The Nu-Way Weinie joint in Macon: one of the world's outstanding restaurants."

Macon Magazine
"A Perfect 10 -- gaining "great thing" status in the world of hot dogs"

The New York Times
"Southerners have long understood that coleslaw makes a cooling counterpoint to spicy barbecue, and many of them have applied this same approach to hot dogs. The acknowledged king of this particular hill is Nu-Way Weiners in Macon, GA."

Gourmet Magazine
"One of America's ten best hot dog joints"

Money Magazine
"Top Dogs- Nu-Way is the definitive downtown hot-dog lunch venue"

The Macon Telegraph
"The best place to have sweet tea over that renowned ice"

Georgia Trend Magazine
"Capital of Country Cooking"

John T Edge in Southern Belly
"Nu-Way Weiners lying on a steamed bun that threatens collapse"

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"They're among the elite from east to west"

Southern Living Magazine
"Macon's Tasty Tradition"
"2004 Food Finds... The South's Best Flavors"

TNT - Turner South
"One of America's most famous dogs"

The Hot Dog Companion
"Local Legends"

PBS Television
"Featured in A Hot Dog Program"

NBC Television
"Featured on The Today Show"

The Travel Channel
"Featured on Hot Dog Heavens"

"I'd Go a Long Way For a Nu-Way"SM

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